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Birding and family activities

Banding activities – Guided hikes – Pelagic bird cruises 

Ornithological program 

The Côte-Nord is at the top of the list of MRCs in Quebec with an impressive 352 species observed over the years (including some exceptional species, the latest being the Short-billed Duck at the Tadoussac Dunes). 

Although many activities take place at the Tadoussac Dunes, which is a must-see in the area, there are several exceptional observation sites in the region. The Festival has set up excursions to discover these renowned sites and to observe a beautiful diversity of species. These excursions are intended for both beginner and experienced birders. The sharing of knowledge is also part of these outings! 

Open to all 

Activities are open to all: families, curious, beginner or expert birders. 

Online reservations 

The booking links will be below each activity.  Reservations are not opened yet.

Bad weather 

Outdoor activities will be cancelled in case of continuous rain or strong wind. 


Song Sparrow ©Thomas Gianoli

Passerine Banding Demonstrations

Dates to be defined

Schedule : 7am to 11pm
Meeting point : Dunes of Tadoussac
Free access

Every morning of the Festival, visitors are invited to come and attend the banding of passerines (songbirds). An ornithologist guide will be on site to explain the manipulations and answer questions from visitors. This is a unique opportunity to see wild birds up close, while learning about TBO’s research. 

Northern Saw-whet Owl ©Laetitia Desbordes

Let yourself be charmed by the owls 

Start of the activity:
Dates to be defined
Duration : approximately 1h30

Site : Dunes of Tadoussac
Rate : 19,96 $ (taxes and costs included)
Capacity : 25 participants per performance

When evening comes, we deploy our nets to capture magnificent little owls. Thanks to this interpretation activity, lasting about 1h30, you will follow the research team in its work on these birds. 

Broad-winged Hawk ©Samuel Denault

Raptors in flight: how to identify them ? presented by Hydro-Québec

Dates to be defined

Schedule : 8am to 12pm
Meeting point : Dunes of Tadoussac
Free access

The Dunes of Tadoussac are recognized in Quebec as one of the best sites to observe migrating birds of prey. However, if you are not familiar with the identification of raptors in flight, an experienced ornithologist will be at the Yvan-Duchesne lookout to help you target the main identification criteria. You may be lucky enough to spot a Rough-Legged Hawk or a Golden Eagle. 


One of the species you may be able to see : Atlantic Puffin

Discovering pelagic birds 

Dates to be defined

Duration: approximately 3h

Meeting point : Escoumins Cruise ticket office
Rate : 86.23 $ (taxes and costs included)
Capacity : 20 participants per cruise

The Festival is partnering with Croisières Escoumins this year to offer 5 unique cruises on the St. Lawrence Seaway. You will have the opportunity to observe species such as the Common Murre or the Parasitic Jaeger from a surprising proximity. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to see rarities such as the Sabine’s Gull, the Pygmy Gull, the Broad-billed Phalaropes, etc. Moreover, marine mammals are very present at this time of the year.  

Discovering the Haute-Côte-Nord

Departure :
Date to be defined
Duration : approximately 7h

Level of difficulty : Intermediate
Meeting point : Sainte-Croix Church parking
Rate : to be defined
Capacity : 30 participants

The Upper North Shore (Haute-Côte-Nord) region is certainly one of the best areas in Quebec for observing waterfowl during the migration period. The diversity of species and the abundance of birds that can be found in September is hardly comparable to the rest of the province. 

During this day, you will have the opportunity to discover strategic sites. We will stop at the following places : Escoumins Bay, Pointe-à-Émile and Pointe-à-Boisvert (Longue-Rive) and the sandbar of Portneuf-sur-Mer. 

Guided hikes 

Dates to be defined

Duration: approximately 2h

Level of difficulty : easy
Meeting point : Pointe de l’Islet trail entrance
Rate : to be defined
Capacity : 20 participants per hike

We offer two guided hikes in the heart of Tadoussac that will allow you to meet the avian wildlife in an idyllic setting. While walking about 3 kilometers, you will be able to observe forest species (warblers, sparrows,etc.) as well as sea ducks, shorebirds and larids. The ornithological potential of this hike will surprise many! 

2022 Program 

The Côte-Nord Migratory Bird Festival also offers family activities, conferences, contests and documentary screenings!