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In addition to family and birding activities, the Migratory Bird Festival offers science outreach through conferences and documentary screenings. 


Date : THURSDAY 22
Time : 8pm
Location : Church of Tadoussac
Free access

Director : Vincent Chabloz
Production : Nivalis – Switzerland – 52 min – 2020
Original version in French

Synopsis : In a wild valley in the Alps, the last rays of the sun are reminiscent of the comforting warmth of summer. However, the blue of the sky has the intensity of September evenings, and already the duration of the night exceeds that of the day. The altitude forests are adorned with the red of the larches and the ridges suffer the first onslaught of snow. It will melt quickly the next day, but the warning signs are multiplying: winter is coming.

This documentary was awarded the Paul Géraudet prize at the Ménigoute film festival in 2021.


To cross or not to cross the St. Lawrence? Bird migration in eastern Quebec

Presented by Tourisme Côte-Nord

Pierre-Alexandre Dumas, TBO’s PhD student.

: 2.30pm
Location : Hotel Tadoussac
Free access

Geographical barriers represent significant obstacles for migrating birds. Crossing a barrier poses a significant risk to their survival. The choice to cross or not also imposes a significant cost in energy or time. Several factors can affect this choice. For instance, the wind will affect flying abilities, vegetation will affect foraging possibilities and an individual’s experience can affect knowledge of the environment.

Additionally, all these dynamics are likely to change seasonally, as birds need to return to their breeding sites as quickly as possible for breeding. Therefore, it will be changing the cost/benefit trade-off. It is these relationships between the different factors and their effects on the strategy of birds facing the St. Lawrence that I am studying as part of my doctorate. To do this, I will use data from weather radars, eBird and TBO to analyze bird movements. 

The strategic location of TBO within the migratory landscape of the Americas.  

Presented by la Municipalité de Tadoussac

Jean-François Therrien, TBO’s scientific director

: 7pm
Location : Hotel Tadoussac
Buy tickets online (17,25$) or on site

Long-term migratory surveys allow to assess the pulse of a variety of indicative species. Their value is unique for wildlife conservation. 2023 will mark the 30th anniversary for the migration counts at Tadoussac Bird Observatory. With its strategic geographical location at the gateway of the boreal forest, TBO is the go-to place to assess population trends of arctic and boreal species as they leave (Autumn) or enter (Spring) this ecosystem.

Through the years, TBO witnessed and shared with partners positive, stable, and decreasing trends for a wide variety of raptors and passerine species. Combining its results with other monitoring sites in Canada, North America and Worldwide, TBO is at the front line to ensure the conservation of healthy populations for these species.  

Following bird migrations with the installation of Motus transmitters 

Presented by the MRC de la Haute-Côte-Nord dans le cadre de l’entente de développement culturel

Alexandre Terrigeol, TBO’s Director of Operations

: 10am
Location : Hotel Tadoussac
Free access

The migratory routes and strategies of birds are still poorly understood on a global scale, even for relatively common species. And even if we know better and better the reason for these migratory movements, our ability to conserve these species is directly influenced by the precision of our knowledge. How long does it take to reach a wintering or nesting area? What are the choices made by each species during their migrations that can directly influence their survival?

Since 2014, the TBO has been involved in the installation of radio transmitters (Motus), which allow us to learn a little more every day about the migratory strategy of several bird species. This presentation will focus on past projects, some of the results obtained and future projects. 

2022 Program

The Côte-Nord Migratory Bird Festival also includes cruises, family activities, contests, banding activities, bird watching excursions and surprises!