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Accueil » The Côte-Nord Migratory Birds Legacy

The Côte-Nord Migratory Birds Legacy

To celebrate Tadoussac Bird Observatory (TBO)’s 30th anniversary, we pay tribute to the birds of Québec and highlight the municipalities in the region.

For this occasion, 30 stunning pictures have been displayed across 15 exceptional birdwatching sites in La Haute-Côte-Nord RCM (Regional County Municipality).

This project, which showcases our rich avian biodiversity, involves 26 professional and amateur photographers and 12 local partners! The selected pictures are accompanied by brief descriptions of the bird species and the significance of the sites. You will also have the opportunity to discover some of the research carried out by TBO on these species and their status.

Discover these magnificent photographs and the work of the photographers!

Thanks to the photographers

Jean-Simon Bégin l, Céline Bellemare l flickr, Simon Boivin l flickr, Francis Bordeleau-Martin l flickr, Sandra Bourgeois l sandrabourgeois.photographies, Olivier Buteau l olivierbuteauphotographie, Ian Davies l idaviesbird, Éric Deschamps l natureenvue, Laetitia Desbordes, Charles Dion – charlesdionphotographe, Daniel Dupont l, Jérémie LeBlond-Fontaine – jeremielf, Maxime Légaré-Vézina l maximelegarevezina, Frédérick Lelièvre l flickr, Jean-Christophe Lemay l jclemayphoto, François Martin, Jocelyn Praud l jocelynpraudphotographie, Thomas Gianoli, Noémie Roy, nrshootphotographie, Alexandre Terrigeol, David Turgeon, Patrice St-Pierre l flickr, Charles Villeneuve et Simon Villeneuve – Simon et Charles Villeneuve

Thanks to our partners

This project was carried out by the Tadoussac Bird Observatory as part of the Côte-Nord Migratory Bird Festival. It was made possible thanks to the financial support from the MRC La Haute-Côte-Nord under the Fond régions et ruralité – volet 4 soutien à la vitalisation et à la coopération intermunicipale et de l’Entente de développement culturel.