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14th EDITION -FROM 16 TO 22 SEPTEMBER 2024 ​

Come and discover or rediscover one of the greatest bird migratory corridors in North America during the peak of the autumn migration. Take the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes along the coast while admiring the numerous marine mammals.

Programming for the 14th edition is underway, but you can discover or rediscover the program from the previous edition:

A getaway to the Haute-Côte-Nord in the fall reveals nature in all its splendor, nestled between the majestic Saguenay Fjord and the vast expanse of the St. Lawrence River.

The Tadoussac Bird Observatory offers a program to suit all tastes. Come and learn more about the internationally renowned research conducted on the Côte-Nord of Quebec for the past 30 years.

Join our guided excursions, birdwatching activities, lectures, and documentaries, all while having the opportunity to discover the particularly rich biodiversity that the region has to offer.

The Festival period is taking place during a generally active migration period. It’s not uncommon to see tens of thousands of migrating birds along the St. Lawrence River.

including 10 activites that are freely accessible.

The Tadoussac Bird Observatory (TBO) is an important research program of Explos-Nature. Active since 1993, TBO acts as a spearhead in monitoring boreal and arctic birds through numerous projects carried out in several strategic sites along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Its mission is to acquire data on migratory bird populations, particularly boreal species, in order to assess their demographic trends. The Observatory also aims to train ornithologists and educate the public about the phenomenon of migration, the ecology of the boreal forest and the bird populations that depend on it.

Our research projects span from spring to autumn at the Dunes de Tadoussac, Les Bergeronnes, and the Cap-Tourmente National Wildlife Reserve. These sites are globally renowned for the number of birds that can be observed during migration, as well as for their landscapes. In addition to our research efforts, raising awareness is also at the core of our concerns. We offer various interpretive scenarios, host over a hundred interns and volunteers each year, provide ornithological camps, and organize the Festival.

Finally, the Tadoussac Bird Observatory relies on the support of thousands of people worldwide and can count on over a hundred volunteers annually, without whom we could not function. Thank you!