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Q : What is the Tadoussac Bird Festival?

It is a 4 day festival in the month of September. This festival takes places in the Côte-Nord region of Québec, specifically, Tadoussac. It is organised by the Observatoire d’oiseaux de Tadoussac and offers activities to seasoned and new ornithologists. According to eBird, the MRC de la Haute-Côte-Nord is the region in Québec with the largest species diversity. Making this area more than interesting for bird enthousiasts. On average, more than 130 species are observed during the event. With some being boreal and pelagic that are sometimes quite difficult to observe elsewhere in the province.


Q : How do we reserve our spot?

The only activities you need to reserve for are the ones you must pay to attend. You may reserve through our reservation system. It is not necessary to reserve for our free activities, such as the banding demonstration at the Tadoussac Dunes. It is important to note that the festival is not restricted to one area. Events are spread throughout Tadoussac and its surrounding towns. The festival does not offer a “pass” system to access multiple activities.


Q : When can we make our reservation for the paid activities?

An announcement will be made on our facebook page addressing this subject. As of the begining of July, there will be an online reservation system on our website. Please note that you may pay in person with cash for our evening conferences and documentaries.


Q : Do I need to reserve to visit the observation sites of the region?

No. It is better to explore the region to discover all the potential that the Tadoussac region offers. Sites such as the Dunes of Tadoussac, the baie des Escoumins, le banc de Portneuf are worth the detour!


Q : What species should I expect to see during the festival? 

The Côte-Nord region, in particular Tadoussac, offers the potential of seeing a great variety of species (in between 120 and 150). Le Northern shore of the fleuve Saint-Laurent is the most important migratory corridor in Québec for fall migration. Thousands of passerines and birds of prey use it every year. The Dunes of Tadoussac are also recognized as the best observation site in the province for bird of prey migration (such as Rough-legged hawk). Guides are on site to help you identify them. In addition to the Dunes, la baie des Escoumins is the best place in Québec to observe laridaes (gulls). While Longue-Rive and Portneuf is known for their shorebirds. Finally, The bird banding station at the dunes of Tadoussac will allow you to see a great diversity of passerines (sparrows, warblers, etc.) up close. Some boreal birds, usually harder to see further south can even be seen such as the evening grosbeak. At night, the station will allow you to see the northern saw whet owls and the secretive boreal owl. 


Q : How do the tides affect bird observations?

The group most affected by tides are shorebirds. At low tide, the birds will spread out on the battures of the region. It then becomes difficult to find flocks. It is best to go to sites with half-rising and half-falling tides. La baie des Escoumins has a higher concentration of Laridaes (gulls) when the tide is high. 

You can find the tide table by clicking on this link:


Q : What are the best observation sites in the region?

A non-exhaustive list can be seen by clicking here :


Q : Are there sites accessible by wheel chair?

Yes! The areas used for our conferences and documentaries are accessible (Hôtel Tadoussac and the Tadoussac church). There are some difficulties to access the Banding station at the Dunes of Tadoussac. However, our team is more than happy to help you get to the laboratory.


Q : Do I need to be an expert to participate in the excursions and cruises?

No. We make it our duty to provide information to those who have less experience. It is recommended to inform your cruise guide of your level of experience. This will allow them to help you indentify certain species. Often times, other more experienced visitors will help the others.


Q : I will be accompagnied by someone who doesn’t bird. Will there be activities for them?

The Tadoussac region welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Whales are still present and active in the area during the month of September. It is possible to reserve a cruise or go to a terrestrial observation site. You will also find many hiking trails in the Tadoussac village and neighbouring towns. The beauty of the landscapes alone are worth the visit.


Q : Are there activities for children? 

Yes. The passerine banding demonstration is very popular among children. Additionally, every edition, we offer family artistic activites. In 2022, other familial activites have been added, such as face painting and a sculpture workshop.


Q : What options do we have for accomodations?

Tadoussac is a world renowned holiday destination. You will find many hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts in the village and in neighbouring towns. The festival works in collaboration with Hôtel Tadoussac. They have been one of our major partners since the first edition. We offer our conferences and our opening ceremony cocktail in their establishment. We recommend you reserve with them!


Q : What is our best option for transportation?

For those arriving by plane, the closest international airport is the one in Québec city. From Québec, it is possible to get to Tadoussac by bus. However, having a car at your disposal is the best option if you wish to get to the different observation sites. From Québec, you may take route 138. Please keep in mind that the Sagunay River fairy is a free service.


Q : If I have any other questions?

You may contact the director of the OOT, Alexandre Terrigeol, via email : He is more than happy to answer your questions